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An advanced cloud native integrated Warehouse Management System(WMS) software,  enriched with AC² domain expertise,  we help you optimize your warehouse operations to exceed customer expectations.  AC² Wave Warehouse Management System increase  and improve your operation efficiency from beyond basic putaway, picking, packing, and shipping. Have a flawless warehouse operations, pick faster, deliver more with absolute accuracy.

Our WMS includes an OMS (Order Management System) that integrates seamlessly with major ERPs like Infor, SAP, and Oracle as well as online marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada.

WAVE WMS integration explained. WAVE WMS is integrated with Lazada, Shopee, Woocommerce, Shopify via OMS and last mile delivery companies such as DHL, ninjavan, J&T, etc.


For B2B & B2C Warehouse Operations

AC2's WAVE WMS is an advanced world class low-cost cloud native Warehouse Management System, build in with A.I. optimization so you can pick faster, deliver more with less manpower.

  • Reduce Hardware Cost - No need to buy server hardware/software.

  • Flexibility - Highly configurable business rules with both system guided and assisted putaway and picking.

  • Sync with ERP, Accounting System, Shopee and Lazada.

  • Real-time Inventory.

  • Auto upgrade, always the latest version.

  • Easy to use.

  • World Class software from our award winning team.

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WAVE WMS is Zebra Validated
Wave WMS is in Microsoft Azure Marketplace, this shows the azure marketplace logo.


Blue Yonder, formally JDA, Warehouse Management System (WMS)
AC2 is JDA Real Award 2018 winner

Blue Yonder (formally known as JDA) is the named leader in all 5 Gartner magic quadrants on supply chain and retail solutions. Blue Yonder Warehouse Management Solution is used by more than 4,000 of the largest retailers, manufacturers, logistics companies and distributors around the globe.

Blue Yonder Warehouse Management is very flexible, highly configurable and scalable, and it allows all angles of feature expansions with their MOCA framework.

Infor WMS Warehouse Management System with AC2 Group


AC2 is the winner of Infor Partner Excellence Award 2020
AC2 Group received 2020 partner excellent award Innovation Partner of the Year
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Infor is the world’s third-largest provider of enterprise software, with 70,000 customers and almost USD$3.0 billion in revenue. Through acquisition and innovation, Infor delivers proven business-specific solutions with experience built-in. Infor’s focus on the customer has led to one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

Infor WMS allows for easy configuration with built-in best practices. 


How DCH Auriga, a $6 billion dollars company, digitally transformed their supply chain.

Check out the press release here.

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What  Is A Warehouse Management System?

WMS is a software, please refer to our articles on What Is A Warehouse Management System:

How Warehouse Management Systems can help your business?

A warehouse management system can help you automate tasks, optimize inventory storage and retrieval processes, and improve department communication. Learn more about how WMS can help your business

What  Our Warehouse Management System Does?

Our Warehouse Management System lets you make logistics decisions in context so that you always know the consequences of every action and can make better choices. It also leverages the connective power of AC² components and real time data to seamlessly connect your logistics decisions to your financial systems, manufacturing systems, and all the other technologies that make your business more efficient.

Our Warehouse Management software solutions combine transportation planning, yard management, labour management, inventory management, electronic proof of delivery(ePOD), advanced robotics warehouse management and dashboard KPI helps you tackle customer demands and the complex logistic decisions that span the boundary in your supply chain. It is a solution with in-built intelligence that not just includes the warehouse management rich features and functionalities, but all connection points to your warehouse management system.

You'll avoid the costly blind spots that result from treating warehouse management system with other systems because you'll always find the best solutions to a range of perplexing tradeoffs—price versus speed, service versus accuracy, satisfied customers versus profitable customers.

Eliminate expediting charges with warehouse management optimization features, which guide you through the planning process and help you plan and re-plan instantly. You'll be prepared to manage the unexpected demands that you encounter every day, including labour management.

The solution's sophisticated labour management capabilities help you optimize the distribution of work and measure the performance of your workforce. Fully integrated dispatch features let you consolidate and organize shipments to get the best overall pricing and service level.

If you sell logistic services to your customers, you'll be able to estimate costs fully, create value-added services such as kitting, and bill for those services quickly and accurately.



Enjoy the features and benefits, you can start with a few users first

Features & Functions

Unified Solution
Cloud Or On Premise


Machine Learning


High Inventory Visibility

Visual 3D Warehouse


Control Tower

Flexible Rules 

Stock Take & Cycle Count

KPI & Performance Analysis Report

IoT, EDI, API & Open Integration

Ready Connectors to Marketplaces
  • A Warehouse Management System unified solution for Warehouse Management, Transport Management, Yard Management, Labor Management, Picking and Shipping, Billing, Invoicing, Delivery receipts (Electronic Proof of Delivery) and Automation(Robotic Warehouse).

  • In context BI with machine learning.

  • Highly Scalable - from single store room to multiple warehouses & distribution centers.

  • Improve efficiency through mobile application.

  • Multiple organization hierarchies, multiple warehouses, multiple ownerships, and multiple languages.

  • View expected work volume, monitor inventories, auto warehouse tasks assignment.

  • Track transfer orders between warehouses and facilities.

  • Truck Scheduling.

  • Trading Partners - Suppliers, Carriers, Multiple Bill-To Addresses, Owner Bill-To, Freight Bill-To, Multiple Ship-To Addresses, Multiple Ship-From addresses.

  • Warehouse Zones, Location Zones and zone rules.

  • Master files - Item, Attributes, Characteristics, Fashion, Textile Theme, Size, Promotion Campaign, Weight, Shelf Life, Unit of Measurement, Multiple Barcodes, Item Status, Inventory Delivery Time and Attributes.

  • Full picking capability - Paper Picking, Radio Frequency(RF) Picking, Wave Picking, Robotics Picking, Light Picking, Voice Picking, Batch Picking, Consolidated Picking, Assignment Picking, Zone Picking, Multiple Orders Picking, etc.

  • Full cross dock capability - Flow Trough, Transshipment, Opportunities, Pre-Packed, etc.

  • Hold Inventory, Quarantine, Reserve, Release, Tolerance Level and Track Transactions.

  • Highly configurable rules - Receiving, Put Away, Inventory, Allocating, Reserving, Replenishment, Picking, Packing, Kitting, Loading, Shipping and Tracking. 

  • Automated dynamic slotting rules for better utilization of warehouse locations.

  • Maximizing Productivity - permissions, priority, proximity and path finding. 

  • Work Order - Bill of Materials.

  • Barcode & Label Printing, Shipping Documents, Detail Manifest. 

  • Workbench, cartonization, task detail and summary, criteria, execute time and scheduling.

  • Cycle count without halting the operation.  Setup & Execute count plans, discrepancy escalation, approval with tolerances.

  • Manage warehouse with real-time graphical 3D views.

  • Drag & Drop Reporting Tool - Advanced Report Writer.

  • Integrated Meta-Data Layer - Data dictionary, element names, etc.

  • Restful API, IoT, interface integration with other systems and advanced robotics machines.

  • Connect to your marketplaces such as Shopee and Lazada.

  • And many more, contact us for detail.

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Cost Savings

Increase Productivity

Improve Utilization

Increase Branding

Reduce Wastage

Improve Profitability with ABC Analysis

Improve Customer Satisfactory
  • Operating your warehouse with less mistakes and less people.

  • Reduce mistakes, reduce goods returned, reduce expired inventory - A great way to save cost.

  • Greatly increase your productivity, receive inventory faster, pick orders faster and accurately, track shipments, monitor warehouse workers' performance, set up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for productivity improvement continuality. 

  • Use your warehouse space and warehouse worker in an optimal way. Greatly reduce space and worker wastage.

  • Manage your inventory rotation correctly. Use our built in Inventory Management System system and system directed and system guided operation for receiving, put away, picking, packing, kitting and shipping operations. Greatly reduce costly returns and expired inventory write off.

  • Ship faster and accurately to your customers. Make your customers happy with your services, increase your brand power. 

  • Scale when it is needed, connect with our advanced robotics modules when your business grow. Increase your productivity further and improve your picking rate and accuracy.

  • System guided and directly warehouse operations, use your man power at a correct way, system guided picking path, reduce manual work, reduce manual input of data, reduce human mistakes and work faster.

  • All transactions are recorded, easy track and trace, monitor inventory at your finger tips with graphical 3D visual warehouse.

  • Auto calculation of ABC analysis: What to buy, when to buy, how much to buy.

  • Secure interface integration with internal and external systems - increase interoperability, more options for your sales and delivery channels.

  • And many more, contact us for detail.

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