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AC2's WAVE Billing Module


Advanced Warehouse Billing

Introducing our advanced Billing Module, the ultimate solution to streamline your warehouse billing processes and ensure precise and punctual invoicing for your esteemed customers. With ease, you can configure chargeable events, manage rates, set flexible billing cycles, automate invoice generation, and bid farewell to the risk of overlooking any chargeable event. Embrace the epitome of efficient invoicing for unrivaled customer satisfaction and operational excellence. Unlock the power of streamlined billing with our feature-rich Billing Module today.

Key Features:

  • Configurable Chargeable Events

Our flexible Billing Module allows you to easily configure chargeable events based on your specific business needs. Define different types of chargeable events, such as services rendered, products shipped, or usage-based charges, and customize them according to your unique requirements.

  • Rate Management

Take full control of your billing rates with our comprehensive rate management feature. Define different rates for various chargeable events, customer tiers, or specific billing periods. Easily update rates as needed and ensure accurate invoicing based on the latest pricing structures.


Billing Cycle Customization

Tailor your billing cycles to match your business operations. Set up daily, weekly or monthly billing cycles to align with your customers' preferences or contractual agreements. Our Billing Module adapts to your specific billing requirements, offering flexibility and convenience.


  • Automated Invoice Generation

Bid farewell to manual invoice creation. With our powerful Billing Module, invoices are automatically generated based on the configured chargeable events and billing cycles. This saves you valuable time and eliminates the risk of overlooking any chargeable event.

  • Never Miss a Chargeable Event

Our proactive system ensures that no chargeable event goes unnoticed. With automated event tracking and reminders, you can rest assured that every billable item is accurately captured and included in the invoicing process. Say goodbye to missed revenue opportunities.

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