Dashboard for Robotics Warehouse Management System by AC2 Group

Robotic Warehouse Management

Advanced Artificial Intelligence(A.I.) warehouse execution system, designed for different robots and smart AGV, aim to optimise processes in robotic warehouse  and highly automated, the solution shall achieve ultra efficiency in warehouse operations. Fully and seamlessly integrated with cloud based AC2 WAVE WMS(Warehouse Management System),  Blue Yonder WMS(formerly known as  JDA and Red Prairie) and Infor WMS.

AC2 won the Most Innovative Partner Global Award 2020
AC2 won the Global JDA Real Award 2018
AC2 Group won 2020 partner excellent award innovation partner of the year


AC2 Robotic Warehouse Management System

Progressive businesses have realised the critical nature an operation strategy has on designing a working supply chain to meet the rising expectations of customers. Businesses are ramping up robotic operation in their warehouses as they race to deliver goods to customers at a higher speed with lower cost and enjoying much higher accuracy with higher profit.

Increase Productivity

  • Multi-tasking capabilities

  • Increase order picking throughput

  • Increase picking accuracy

  • Greatly reduce training time for using the system.

Cost Reduction

  • Reduce headcount up to 75%

  • Increase inventory density in a warehouse

  • Reduce utility costs such as the electric bill of lighting and air conditioning

  • Reduce shrinkage by limiting human interaction with stock items

Fully Integrated to the following Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Infor WMS - Warehouse Management System
Blue Yonder Warehouse Management Software
Indigo Warehouse Management System