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DCH Auriga Embarks On Robotics Warehouse Operation With AC2 Group

Deploying warehouse robots into the digital supply chain

AC2 Group Warehouse Robots AGV
DCH Auriga Embarks On Robotics Warehouse Operation With the AC2 Group

21 April 2021, Hong Kong, China.

DCH Auriga today announced that it has successfully deployed warehouse robots into its digital supply chain. This project aimed to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy with a high degree of automation in DCH Auriga’s digital supply chain to support business expansion.

“We have achieved another major milestone today. DCH Auriga has planned this strategic transformation carefully, the warehouse robots are now a part of our integrated supply chain and logistics solutions. It was particularly challenging to implement the project during the pandemic when travel was limited, but I’m pleased the team was able to think out of the box and move forward as scheduled. The project went live with no major disruption to our operations and the results have been well received by our partners. We are very excited about the new possibilities and appreciate the hard work of our internal team and partner, the AC2 Group. The quality they produce is remarkable,” said David Mouland, the Vice President of Operations at DCH Auriga.

“Significant effort has gone into ensuring the warehouse robots, i.e. automatic guided vehicles (AGV), integrate seamlessly with DCH Auriga’s existing warehouse management system (WMS). The warehouse robots handle the execution of tasks while the WMS continues to manage business rules, operation strategies and inventory management. While gaining higher operation efficiency, the team has also implemented a design that has increased storage capacity. DCH Auriga has a strong and knowledgeable team and their vast experience in the healthcare business has been one of the key critical success factors to the success of this project,” said YangUei Aw, Managing Partner of AC2 Group.

About DCH Auriga

DCH Auriga, a subsidiary of Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited, is an Asia-based market management provider specialising in healthcare. Offering comprehensive commercial and logistics solutions, DCH Auriga partners with the world’s leading healthcare companies to distribute pharmaceuticals, medical devices, surgical equipment, diagnostics and OTC products for more than 500 brands into hospitals, pharmacies and specialty stores across Asia. DCH Auriga has operations in Hong Kong, Macao, mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

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Dah Chong Hong Holdings, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Limited (stock code: 0267.HK), is an integrated trading and distribution company operating in Asia, supported by an extensive logistics network. DCH is a leading distributor and dealer of motor vehicles in Greater China as well as a provider of a full range of associated services. DCH’s consumer business comprises the manufacture, retail and distribution of food, healthcare, electrical appliances, beauty and lifestyle products. DCH employs over 16,500 staff with operations in 12 Asian markets.

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About the AC2 Group

The AC2 Group is a leading solution provider for warehouse solution consulting and supply chain related technologies in Asia. With over 25 years of knowledge and experiences in implementing warehouse management, logistics and supply chain solution, the company has successfully deployed many supply chain solutions in Asia-Pacific. With headquarters located in Singapore, the AC2 Group has now expanded its market coverage, having offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

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