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AC² Group Celebrates Momentum with JDA Warehouse Management Deployments in Singapore

Another WMS implementation success case study.

A woman jumping off from 2017 to 2018, an image that signify a great 2018 success for AC2 Group with JDA Warehouse Management System

Singapore — Jan 17, 2018— The AC² Group, a leading supply chain software solutions provider in Asia, today celebrated another JDA Warehouse Management implementation success, where JDA Warehouse Management has been successfully implemented in one of the largest pharmaceutical warehouses in Singapore.

“We signed an extended re-seller and partnership agreement with JDA Software Inc., ( about 10 months ago, which enabled us to resell JDA supply chain software in Asia-Pacific through AC² Group of companies. This allows AC2 group to further extend our market reach to the entire Asia-Pacific region with JDA’s state of the art supply chain solutions.” Said Aw Yang Uei, the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of the AC² Group of companies. “JDA is a world leader in supply chain solutions, and we’re very excited to be their strategic regional partner in Asia-Pacific. Through this partnership, we look forward to bringing the benefits of JDA’s solutions to companies who have needs to optimize and streamline their supply chain.”

“JDA is very pleased to extend our relationship with AC2 through this agreement,” said Nitin Gangla, Vice President, Alliance Sales, Asia-Pacific, JDA. “The AC² Group’s expertise in supply chain, their domain knowledge and their track records of implementation capabilities and customer commitment will certainly help many customers to successfully implement JDA solutions. This will, in turn, enable them to leverage their supply chain advantage to achieve their business goals. This is one of the reasons we have signed this partnership agreement last year.”

On October 30, 2017, AC² Group celebrated its first China JDA Warehouse Management implementation success, where JDA Warehouse Management has been successfully implemented in a large cold chain distribution centre in Shanghai, China.

“JDA Warehouse Management is a world-class warehouse management systems (WMS). It is extremely flexible to configure and personalize to meet the unique requirements for our customers. JDA’s WMS provides many extended functionalities that allow seamless operation of complex warehouse processes while providing end-to-end inventory visibility,” said Clement You, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of the AC² Group of companies. “With this implementation of JDA Warehouse Management in our customer's cold chain facility, movement of temperature sensitive inventory throughout the entire supply chain is now controlled and tracked, giving unparalleled benefits to our end customers.”

“JDA is very pleased with the result and congratulate AC² Group on another successful go-live of JDA Warehouse Management.” remarked Nitin Gangla. “To choose to go-live in China’s busiest peak period has indicated customer confidence in both JDA Warehouse Management and AC² Group. These positive results have really shown AC² Group’s commitment and expertise. Today we have yet another successful JDA implementation in Singapore. We are very pleased to have such a partner and looking forward to having more JDA success stories from them.”


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