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Marching Forward with Innovative Technology

Refining Lives and Businesses with Pioneering Technological Solutions

We Are AC2

At AC2, we go beyond software solutions. As a team of experienced industry experts, our commitment is to empower customers with the tools to navigate the intricate and demanding world of warehouse management. Fueled by our cutting-edge cloud-native technology, we optimize warehouse operations for maximum efficiency. Our objective is to empower customers to enhance picking speed, achieve greater delivery efficiency with minimal manpower, and ultimately refine both lives and businesses.

Established in 2011 in Singapore, AC² WAVE and AC SQUARE (AC2 Group) lead as premier providers specializing in Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), seamlessly extending to Robotic Warehouse Systems and Warehouse Billing solutions. Operating strategically in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan, we deliver cutting-edge SaaS warehouse management systems, seamlessly integrating WMS with industry best practices. Committed to leveraging technology, we empower clients to optimize operations and maximize their return on investment.

Internationally Recognized
Award-Winning Team

Across the years, our team has consistently delivered successful project implementations, garnering recognition from various entities for our outstanding achievements.

AC2 WAVE is the Winner of Zebra Technologies TOP ISV Partner 2022

Our Mission, Vision and Values

A compass with mountain image, used as a background image for Vision, Mission and Values statements of AC2 Group


To be the supply chain solution partner of choice in ASIA


To help you optimize your supply chain, driving supply chain excellence.


  • Domain Expertise - Over 20 years of experience.

  • Solution Implementations - Over 100 implementations.

  • Bridging the gap between technologies and practicalities.

  • Creating True Value - Our Passion and Pride.

AC2 partners world best warehouse management systems

Our Partners

We believe that working with best-in-class solutions will help our customers compete effectively in the intensely competitive environment. Time is the most crucial element when implementing supply chain technologies, whether it is a Warehouse Management System (WMS), Transport Management System (TMS), or a component in the Supply Chain. We always ensure that our consultants are highly trained and capable of helping our customers implement innovative, flexible, proven, and reliable solutions to address their needs.

Our key strength lies in our supply chain domain knowledge, enabling us to work collaboratively with both our customers' IT team and the operations team to implement the system in the shortest possible timeframe. This allows our clients to quickly leverage the benefits.

With our strong domain knowledge, we have selected world-class warehouse management software and received training in these products to ensure that our customers enjoy maximum benefits.


WAVE WMS is an advanced Cloud Warehouse Management System that features A.I. optimization for warehouse operations, enabling faster picking, efficient delivery with fewer manpower requirements, and seamless integration with eCommerce platforms and marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, and WooCommerce.


Infor is a leading provider of enterprise software, ranking as the world's third-largest in terms of size. With a customer base of 70,000 and nearly USD$3.0 billion in revenue, Infor has established itself as a trusted and innovative solution provider. Through a combination of acquisitions and continuous innovation, Infor delivers business-specific solutions that are backed by extensive experience in the industry.

Blue Yonder WMS

Blue Yonder (formerly known as JDA) is recognized as a leader in all five Gartner magic quadrants for supply chain and retail solutions. Trusted by over 4,000 major retailers, manufacturers, logistics companies, and distributors worldwide, Blue Yonder offers a robust Warehouse Management System (WMS) solution.

Carefully selected, we are able to offer our customers a full suite of end-to-end supply chain solutions, including Warehouse Management System (WMS), Transport Management System (TMS), Electronic Proof of Delivery System, Supply Chain Execution, Supply Chain Planning, GPS tracking, RFID, and Demand Planning & Forecasting Solution.

Blue Yonder Logo - AC2 Group is a partner of Blue Yonder for its Warehouse Management System
Infor logo. AC2 Group is a partner of Infor WMS.
Zebra Technologies Logo. AC2 WAVE WMS is validated and certified by Zebra Technologies.
Ascent Logo. AC2 Group RFID Partner | Transportation Management System Integrated with Cloud Warehouse Management System
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