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We believe working with best in class solution providers to help our customer to compete effectively in the intense competitive environment. Time is the most crucial element for implementing supply chain technology and we always ensure our consultants are highly trained and capable of helping our customers to implement an innovative, flexible, proven, reliable solution to address their needs.
Our key strength is the ability to work with both our customers’ IT and the operation team in a collaborative manner to implement the system in a shortest possible timeframe so that our client can start to leverage on the benefit quickly.

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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse Management system combines transportation management, labour management, 3PL Billing and mobile transportation solution into a single application on a unified database to reduce the complexity of warehousing and logistics management and clarify daily decision making.

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JDA Warehouse Management System
Infor Warehouse Management System


ERP is short for Enterprise Resource Planning.

AC2 Wave provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in both Malaysia and Singapore. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is usually a business process management software or solution that enables organizations to utilize integrated enterprise applications to manage their businesses and automate functions related to technology, services and human resources, as such the definition of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) integrates all such facets of an operation, including product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing.

A Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) is considered an enterprise application as it is designed to be used by larger businesses and often requires dedicated teams to customize and analyze the data and to handle upgrades and deployment. In contrast, small business enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications are lightweight business management software packages, customized for the business industry you work in. AC2 Wave provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to both larger and smaller, typically for small and middle enterprises. Our Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) is from Infor, the world third larger business application company. This Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is called Infor CloudSuite Industrial (Infor Syteline). It is a unique Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and no only it integrates all the business processes and units, this Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system also integrates technologies, allowing access from Internet devices such as handphones, tables, iPAD, and it is a truly end-to-end web enable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. This Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is available both in Singapore and Malaysia.

Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) typically consists of multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) software modules that are individually purchased, and usually based on what best meets the specific needs and technical capabilities of the organization. Each Enterprise Resource Planning module (ERP) is focused on one area of business processes, such as sales & marketing, or product development & improvement. A business can use Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) to manage back office activities and tasks. Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) is best to perform distribution process management, supply chain management, warehouse management, product development cycles, services knowledge base, configure, prices, improve accuracy of financial data, facilitate better project planning, human resource planning, standardize critical business procedures, reduce redundant tasks, assess business needs, accounting and financial applications, lower purchasing costs, manage human resources and payroll. The Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) can do more, the above just list a few tasks and functionalities. AC2 Wave is able to provide one of the best Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) in the world, namely Infor CloudSuite Industrial (formerly known as Infor Syteline) to Malaysia and Singapore. This Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) is considered one of the best ERP in the world. It is specially designed for small and middle enterprises, this Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is beautiful, stable and scalable.In addtion, Infor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software also comes with a built-in full functionalities warehouse management system, including warehouse location naming and support radio frequency devices (RF) for barcode scanning. This Enterrprise Resrouce Planning (ERP) software is one of the most integrated ERP in the market. 

Infor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), consists of some of the most common Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) modules include those for product planning, material purchasing, inventory control, distribution, accounting, marketing, finance and HR.

In addition, as the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) methodology has become more popular, software applications have emerged to help business managers implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in to other business activities and may incorporate modules for customer services and business intelligence, presenting it as a single unified package, and Infor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is particular strong in these areas.

The basic goal of using an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) is to provide one central repository for all information that is shared by all the various Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) facets to improve the flow of data across the organization. With Infor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, namely Infor CloudSuite Industrial (formerly known as Infor Syteline), AC2 Wave is able to bring tremendous benefits to your organizations.

If you require any further information about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provided by AC2 Wave, please contact us. 

Robotic AGV Warehouse

Robotic Warehouse Execution System

Reduce warehouse cost, labour cost, increase efficiency & increase picking accuracy, this robot does it all.  Click here to find out more.

Proof of Delivery Mobile APP

Advanced multilingual real time shipment tracking system and back-end reporting system cater the every needs of proof of delivery. Track all the vital information at your fingertips.

Repsly Field Management APP

Cloud Mobile Worker App

Do it yourself - design your dream mobile apps - Getting your product the recognition and sales it deserves begins with winning in the field. Have a mobile solution working for you in just 3 days! No implementation, no expensive server and deploy the solutions in lighting speed!

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