Robotic Warehouse

Get Ready for Industry 4.0 with Artificial Intelligence!

Progressive businesses have realized the critical nature an operation strategy has on designing a working supply chain to meet the rising expectations of customers. Businesses are ramping up robotic operation in their warehouses as they race to deliver goods to customers at a higher speed with lower cost and enjoying much higher accuracy with higher profit.

Modern businesses such as Amazon, Alibaba and are known of utilize hundreds of thousands of robots throughout its supply chain. To succeed in the future, businesses are likewise needing to embrace robotics technologies in their supply chain.

We are able to provide end-to-end robotic warehouse solution, including both hardware and software such as robots, artificial intelligence WMS (Warehouse Management System) and robot control system, seamlessly working using our smart Robotic Management system.

AC² Robotic Management (ARM) is an artificial intelligence warehouse execution system, designed to work with many robot providers to optimize processes in robotic warehouses to achieve ultra efficiency. ARM can seamlessly works with many warehouse management systems (WMS) such as JDA (formerly known as Red Prairie), Infor SCE, Manhattan Associates.

With our robotic solution, businesses may enjoy the benefits:

Increase Productivity

  • Multi-tasking capabilities, reducing time to perform a task

  • Increase order picking throughput

  • Increase picking accuracy

  • Greatly reduce training time for using the system.

Cost Reduction

  • Reduce headcount up to 75%

  • Increase inventory density in a warehouse

  • Reduce utility costs such as electric bill of lighting and air conditioning

  • Reduce shrinkage by limiting human interaction with stock items

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