What is GST, or GST Malaysia for Infor Syteline Malaysia (ERP Malaysia or Infor ERP)


GST (Goods & Services Tax), which is also known as VAT or the value added tax in many countries is a multi-stage consumption tax on goods and services. GST Malaysia is not much of a different. Infor Syteline or Infor ERP, with AC2 Wave GST Malaysia country pack can be used to fullfil many GST Malaysia requirements. GST Malaysia is levied on the supply of goods and services at each stages of the supply chain from the supplier up to the retail stage of the distribution. Even though GST Malaysia is imposed at each level of the supply chain, the tax element does not become part of the cost of the product because GST paid on the business inputs is claimable. Hence, it does not matter how many stages where a particular good and service goes through the supply chain because the input tax incurred at the previous stage is always deducted by the businesses at the next in the supply chain. With Infor Syteline or Infor ERP, this ERP is avaiable in Malaysia. (ERP Malaysia, AC2 Wave is the Gold channel partner for Infor ERP in Malaysia and Singapore. AC2 Wave is also very active in ERP GST Malaysia, and we can also extend our services to ERP Singapore.) 

GST Malaysia is a broad based consumption tax covering all sectors of the economy and it is suggested you have a good GST ERP Malaysia system to perform such activities i.e all goods and services made in Malaysia including imports except specific goods and services which are categorized under zero rated supply and exempt supply orders as determined by the Minister of Finance Malaysia and published in the Gazette. The basic fundamental of GST Malaysia is it's self-policing features which allow the businesses to claim their input tax credit by way of automatic deduction in their accounting system. This eases the administrative procedures on the part of businesses and the Government. Thus, the Government's delivery system will be further enhanced. However, it is suggested to have a good GST ERP Malaysai system to perform all GST related activities so that you can have proper GST Malaysia audit files(GAF file). Infor GST pack or Infor Syteline GST can do such a thing. AC2 Wave is official GST Malaysia pack developer for Infor Malaysia to deliver such GST Malaysia pack. The GST Malaysia pack will be installed to Infor ERP, namely Syteline ERP and we can provide the ERP solution in Malaysia and Singapore. Infor ERP with ERP GST Malaysia is provided by AC2 Wave, and it can be deployed to all ERP Malaysia (Infor ERP), namely Infor Syteline customers in Malaysia. It is one of the best ERP system available in the market. This ERP system is available in Malaysia and Singapore by AC2 Wave.


Infor Syteline ERP Malaysia or ERP Malaysia and ERP Singapore are provided by AC2 Wave. Please contact us for more detail.



Introducing Infor Syteline Offical GST Country Pack for Malaysia


AC2 Wave is the offical Infor partner for designing, developing & maintaining Infor Syteline Malaysia GST Pack. This Malaysia Syteline GST pack shall also be officially supported by Infor and us in both short & long term.


Syteline Official GST Pack Design Philosophy


  • Ensuring it is a product (not just pieces of unmanaged codes) & supported by Infor for both short & long term

  • Proper design & coding structure, working closely with Infor Syteline regional team.

  • Blend-into core Infor Syteline core system to safe guard customer investment and ensuring future patches and upgrades can be done seamlessly.

  • No rewriting of codes, re-deployment or worst re-implementation every time patches are applied or new versions are upgraded

  • Ensuring not just Malaysia GST compliance but also Infor Syteline / Infor CloudSuite Industrial compliance

  • No hidden cost, low investment - We want to help our customers to ride the wave with us to go through this tough time.




  • Able to generate Malaysia GST Audit File (GAF)

  • Support printing of GST Full Tax Invoice

  • Support two tax codes for each item, one for GST input tax, the other for GST output tax

  • Provide GST Input Tax listing with each purchase tax code

  • Provide GST Output Tax listing with each supply tax code

  • Provide default GST tax code upon creation of PO or CO base on item level, vendor GST tax code and customer GST tax code.

  • Allow information to be captured in GST GAF file such as Approved Trader Scheme (ATS), Approved Toll Manufacturer Scheme (ATMS)

  • Allow capturing of K1/K2/K9 custom form information for Malaysia GST GAF file.

  • Provide GST monitoring report in related to Time of Supply – the 21 days GST rule

  • Support GST recipient accounting for importing services

  • Support bad debt and recovery for GST

  • Support Advance Payment for both A/P and A/R with GST implication

  • Support of GST Free Gift Rule

  • And a lot more…


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